St. Leonard’s, Bengeo, Hertford. Hungarian String Chamber Music 4th August

For the 5th Year in a row I will be bringing a performance to St. Leonard’s in Bengeo, Hertford. This year the cellist Katherine Jenkinson and I will be performing the fabulous Duo by Kodaly, and we will be joined by viola player Richard Waters for the delightful Serenade by Dohnanyi.

As ever I will be taking the opportunity to research and prepare a (hopefully) audience friendly talk about the background of the the works. Obviously both Kodaly and Dohnanyi are Hungarian, and crucial to the development of the extraordinary musical tradition of that country, but although more or less contemporary they take very different approaches to composition. If you can think of anything you think I would find interesting or relevant please let me know! Otherwise, come along and enjoy…

Here is the address for the venue:

St. Leonard’s Road
SG14 3LL

One thought on “St. Leonard’s, Bengeo, Hertford. Hungarian String Chamber Music 4th August

  1. Reblogged this on Simon Smith and commented:

    Is it a year since I started this blog?
    Well, I am back at St. Leonard’s again this year, on the 3rd August. Haydn Op. 42, Borodin 2nd Quartet and Mendelssohn Octet.
    I will be joined by Ruta Labutyte, Enrico Alvares and Mark Walkem for the Haydn, and the Borodin will be played by the wonderful Virr quartet (led by Emily Mowbray, who played Winter in the seasons concert 5 years ago!). We will then join forces for the Mendelssohn. Very much looking forward to it!

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