2 thoughts on “One Quick Way to Spot a Good Coach « The Talent Code

  1. I agree with what they write in the article but I’m surprised they don’t really mention the aspect of trust. Having the feeling that my teacher trusts me generally gives me more confidence. On the other side, someone who is talking, waving, interrupting and tapping the beat all the time makes me think the teacher can never hear what I’m really trying to do as they are too busy with themselves.
    So my question to Simon is, obviously all teachers and coaches basically aim for the same, so why are there many teachers and coaches genuinely trying their best in that way? What is the point of the interrupting/waving/shouting/tapping method?

  2. Good question! I suppose one of the points the article makes is that the “waving, shouting” method attracts attention, and that we often assume that means they have more to say. That may be a mistake.

    There are many ways of enabling a student to achieve, and sometimes the (somewhat self-centred) approach you describe can work, through sheer force of personality. At the other end of the scale, think of Socrates! And different approaches should be used at different times, according to the needs of the piece and student.

    But I completely agree about trust, it is so important. Some people just seem to have the ability to convey that they believe in your ability to achieve the desired ends. I need to think more about how that happens – it certainly goes beyond words!

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