More Sports Psychology!


Those of you who know me personally, or who have had the pleasure (?) of having a lesson, or more with me will know how much emphasis I place on trying to develop the mental side of performance. I cannot claim to be unique – this is a thread in violin teaching that goes back as far as the earliest literature I have seen.

However, we as musicians are not as developed in this area as our colleagues in the sporting arena, and there is still much to learn. Inspired by my recent sessions with Karen O’ Connor ( I thought I would share a couple more links.

The first is rather simplistic in appearance – with slightly the aura of a naff “self-help” guide, but actually the content is rather good. And anyway, there are large doses of common sense needed – we canoften lose sight of the obvious, which is really the problem!

This second is more of an academic article – for those who prefer. (Of course that means the obvious is wrapped up in difficult language, but it at least can make you feel intelligent)

Let me know what you think!

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