I have been trying to avoid posting things about general education, as a School Governor for the last decade, and current Chair of Governors, I see at first hand the fantastic work that goes on in schools, and the effect that constant legislation can have. In general I will keep my thoughts on Mr. Gove and his like to appropriate forums.
I am, however, re-blogging this, the excuse being that we can apply the lessons purely to music.

Lady Effingham of Blindingham

That George Bernard Shaw quote – “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” – follows teachers around like a malevolent hobgoblin. Clearly the best teachers are those who can also ‘do’. My take on it is this: “Those who can, do – but they shouldn’t dabble in education unless they can also teach”.

This sentiment arises from the recent incursions into curriculum development by the historian Niall Ferguson, who perhaps does not realise that he is exposing himself on every front, through bad judgement, lack of knowledge of education and the kind of entrenched prejudice that has no place in good historical practice.

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  1. Thanks for re-blogging this, Mr Smith. It’s true I wrote the article concentrating on history, which is not my usual area. However, as my blog reveals, I am a musician and music education is my principal interest. I am glad to think that people feel this has applications to other areas of education, as this is my feeling too. Best wishes, Lady Effingham.

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