Developing musical children

This week I was invited to appear on a local radio station:

If you are feeling brave you might want to listen to my “words of wisdom”!

The topic was “how do we help children with their music lessons?” My theory is that we first have to understand the importance of engagement with music to being a fully developed human, and secondly (as I have mentioned here once or twice in the past!) you need to fully subscribe to the “Talent Myth” concept, and all its implications. Here are a few links on this topic.

Firstly, an article by the psychologist John Sloboda: “What Makes a Musician”

Secondly, I mentioned two authors. Matthew Syed’s book Bounce explores the ideas from a lay perspective. Here, again, is the link

I have previously linked to Carole Dwecks work as well. But here is her website “Mindset”.

Many people find it hard to subscribe to some of these ideas. Let me know if you have objections and I will try and answer them!

3 thoughts on “Developing musical children

  1. Hi Simon,
    I just tried to listen to your contribution on the radio but I couldn’t find it. Do you know if they already took it off-line or did I just click on the wrong link?

  2. Well, I guess that is an hour of your life you would never have got back, Rens! Actually, it was probably quite interesting. The programmes all become podcasts eventually, so I will post the correct link at that point.

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