Anyone for Remote Violin Lessons?

I am aware that a few of my colleagues have been doing this for a while. Maybe I am a little late to the party, but I am wondering how it would work for me. Does anyone have any experience they would like to share?

I am a bit wary of Skype and Facetime for these purposes – the wifi connection in my music room is not great, and the internet is generally not the fastest where we live. I ought to try it though. I also wonder about offering written reports on recordings or videos as a half way house – you upload it, and send me the link, I send my comments by email.

I can imagine a number of situations where it might work: I have many ex-students who have now returned to their home countries, this may be a very easy way to keep in musical contact; perhaps you are considering studying in the UK, and would like a consultation lesson; current students often have enforced breaks – one of us is travelling – perhaps we could lessen the gap?

There are many things to consider too – how much to charge (always a difficult one!), what would the impact be of poor quality sound? And no doubt many others. Well there is only one way to find  the answers…

So if anyone would like a short, free lesson to help me work out if this will work for me, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Anyone for Remote Violin Lessons?

  1. Just a quick update! I have tried this a few times now. Particularly easy was using video’s uploaded to dropbox which I can then comment on. Of course, there is nothing interactive with this, and it can be a challenge to find the right words to explain myself (especially when sending comments to someone who’s English is not the best) and sound quality issues will take away the possibility of commenting on some of the finer points – but all of this is easily matched on the plus side by my ability to hit the rewind button! What do I really think about that phrase? What caused that awkward shift? So, just upload and send me the links! Keeps me off the streets of an evening…

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