Beethoven, Dohnanyi and Kodaly

St Mary's PosterOn 28th September I will be joined by Clare Hayes, violin, Paul Silverthorne, viola ( and Katherine Jenkinson, cello ( for a concert at St. Mary’s Church, Standon, (Near Ware, Hertforshire, UK for international readers).

We will be playing two serenades: Kodaly’s for 2 violins and viola, and Dohnanyi’s for String Trio. Both these works will join the Kodaly Duo, which Katherine and I have already recorded, on a CD to be released in 2014.

The concert will start with quite possibly the first modern performance of an arrangement of Beethoven’s Violin Sonata “Spring” for String Trio.

We do hope lots of people will be able to make it to the concert, and perhaps pledge to buy a copy of the CD in advance?!

The whole process of putting together my first recording project has been quite a lengthy learning experience, and I intend to share more when it is finally done. In the meantime I am counting on you all to keep supporting me!

One thought on “Beethoven, Dohnanyi and Kodaly

  1. Many thanks to all who attended this concert – and pledged to buy copies of our CD! I am most impressed with peoples generosity! We are recording at the end of November. Will update when we have a release date.

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