Is Criticism Killing Classical Music?

A very interesting article!

The WholeHearted Musician™ with Dana Fonteneau

Criticism Word Cloud Concept in red caps

I know, I know, this topic is such a kill joy. And what a title, right?

But here’s the thing. 95% of what I hear when talking with other musicians, regardless of whether it’s in a personal or professional capacity, is negativity and criticism. Here’s a list of things I’ve heard in just the last three days.

  • “We played a concert last week and it was terrible, I’m embarrassed to have my name in the program.”
  • “I just played a performance, the audience LOVED it, but I know it sucked.”
  • “I can’t BELIEVE so and so won that competition-he is so full of himself!
  • “Did you hear so and so’s latest CD? It’s so careful and calculated. And WHAT is she WEARING on the cover photo?! GROSS!”
  • “I went to my lesson and the teacher said I played beautifully, but I know it was full of the mistakes.”

It goes…

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