Olga Domnina and Simon Smith: Violin and Piano Duo

Olga (http://www.olgadomnina.com) and I first worked together in Russia and Kazakhstan in 2013. In November and December 2014 we embarked on a major voyage across Russia, with invitations to perform in Moscow, (including the Stanislavsky Theatre) and surrounding cities, a number of Siberian cities, and in the Far East – in Vladivostok, and on Sakhalina Island. Altogether we were in Russia for a month – and it was pretty cold in Siberia in December! Our repertoire consisted of a recital programme with the Sonata by Walton and the Britten Suite along with the Brahms D minor Sonata and a variety of encores, as well as a performance of the Mendelssohn Double Concerto in Kostroma. We also gave the Russian premiere of the colossal Violin Sonata by Vladimir Genin in Moscow.

One of the great things about Olga is the interesting people she introduces me to, including the wonderful photographer Gusov (www.gusov.com) who took these photos.


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